Veldale Farms is proud to offer the following services to growers across South Western Ontario,


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Soil Diagnostics, Sampling & Analysis


Know what nutrients are sufficient and deficient in your soil. Monitor your nutrient levels like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, magnesium, calcium, sodium, soil pH, aluminum, C.E.C., %P, %K, %Mg ratio as well as micronutrients such as zinc, manganese, iron, copper, boron, and sulfur. Soil sampling data will save you money on input costs such as fertilizer, seed, lime, and manure by using each product more efficiently and only applying them where needed when needed.


Fertilizer Recommendations


Sit down with our team after to review your soil nutrient maps and discuss soil and crop goals for the future, look back upon past cropping practices to see what worked and what didn’t. Our team will make proper agronomic fertilizer recommendations to achieve your cropping goals based on what your soil samples revealed and expected nutrient removal from your upcoming crops. By reviewing our client's historical data we can ensure accuracy, establish future objectives and strategies and develop management zones for fields using historic data, topography, aerial imagery and soil information


Manure Sampling & Analysis


Sampling your liquid or solid manure will show you the nutrient contents of your manure. This will help you set application rates and determine manure-to-commercial fertilizer need ratios as well as setting a cash value on your manure.  Your manure is free fertilizer so use it most efficiently and productively on your crops and soil.


Data Utilization & Prescription Writing


We create soil nutrient maps, 3D topography maps, compaction maps, moisture content maps, and variable rate (VR) prescription maps that can be sent to your GPS system or applied by us. Whether its VR planting (seed hybrid or population), VR fertilizer, VR lime application or VR manure application or variable tillage we cover all your precision agriculture needs. We will also properly manage your collection of previous field data to make it simple and easy to view as well as track your soil health progress.


Crop Scouting


By placing our agronomists in your fields throughout the growing season you can monitor growth, pest risks, nutrient deficiencies, weather damage, herbicide injury, as well as map and document any problem areas that need to be monitored. We will send you monthly crop reports to update you on the condition and growth of your crops along with locations of crop or soil concerns.


Plant & Leaf Tissue Sampling & Analysis


Analyzing plant and leaf tissues in-season can help diagnose problems, increase yield, and improve the quality of your crop. We can determine in-season nutrient levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, sulfur, boron, zinc, manganese, iron, copper, and aluminum.

Our ultimate goal is to give growers the opportunity to utilize new innovative precision agriculture tools and practices so they can achieve efficient and profitable results in their field.

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