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Understanding your soil and its nutrients leads to profitable yield and we have the tools to do just that.  With our zone sampling system, samples are taken to represent the nutrient variability in your field, allowing you to apply nutrients based on that variability - maximizing profitable field areas and minimizing non-profitable field areas. After sampling, our agronomy team puts together fertilizer recommendations tailored to your cropping goals. Manure sampling gives you an in depth insight into the nutrient content of your fertilizer; allowing more efficient use of your manure to commercial fertilizer ratio. 

Leave your plant tissue testing and crop scouting to our agronomists - we provide you with the peace of mind that your crops are being monitored for pests, weeds, and in-season nutrient deficiencies.  Let's chat today and develop a custom agronomic plan catering to your farm's needs!


"I've been working with Veldale for about 10 years and I've always had good yields but for the last 4 to 5 years, I have been routinely soil sampling and my yields have improved.

Being able to determine which blend and amount of fertilizer is needed on any given field to build up the N, P and K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) in the soil is a great asset.

The people at Veldale are very professional to work with and make the sampling data very easy to understand, and things always seem to get done in a timely manner."

Derek Schipper

"Soil sampling has many benefits as it offers more insight into your soil. For my operation it helps me determine what fields to put manure on as some fields are in more needs of nutrients than others. This helps increase yields on those fields that can use the benefit of manure and it minimizes nutrient overloading on the fields that are already in good shape.


 I would for sure recommend soil sampling to other farmers, simply to get a database of the soil properties on your farm. This can be used for things like proper hybrid selection, fertilizer needs, creating variable rate application maps and previously mentioned manure strategies.


The sampling reports are presented in a clear and complete manner. Maps are printed out large and columns of info are easy to read. The report is comprehensive and includes all you need to know. The team at Veldale Farms is very knowledgeable about their sampling program and agronomy in general. This is a huge help since they can 'translate' the soil reports into a proposed soil care program.


Overall I think it's a very cool technology that can help producers make informed decisions which in today's markets is crucial."

Hilbert Kroondijk

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