We are privileged and thankful to celebrate over 50 years of business and involvement in agriculture!


In 1966 Evert Veldhuizen Sr. and his wife Dina started Veldale Farms by milking seven dairy cows. Their farm got destroyed thirteen years later, in 1979, by a tornado that ripped through Oxford Centre and destroyed everything. They then rebuilt and started fresh once again. Bart came home to farm in 1993 but decided to further his education in 1996.

Evert Jr. came home to farm in 1996 after attending Ridgetown College. The dairy barn was then renovated to milk an extra 20 cows. In 2000 Jan joined the farm after working as a farm equipment mechanic for 7 years. The custom work was expanded at that time. In 2001 the Dekalb seed dealership was added to enhance our agri-service company.

In 2004 the dairy was expanded by buying an ongoing dairy, after milking in two dairies for four years a new barn was built to combine the herds together. In 2014 a new equipment shop and office were completed to facilitate our expanding agri-service company. In 2017 an on-going finishing hog facility was acquired and in 2018 a soil sampling and fertilizer recommendation program was started to better serve our customers making Veldale Farms a one-stop shop for all your crop input needs.