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Custom services is a large portion of our business; and we take pride in satisfying you, our customer.  From tillage to harvest, we offer a wide range of services and equipment that cater to your needs.  

We all know that a well prepared, weed free seed bed leads to a seed that is quick out of the ground.  With conventional, minimum, and no-till options we have tillage tools and solutions for many soil types.  Our John Deere self-propelled sprayer helps keep your seed bed weed free throughout the entire season.  Ensuring your seed to soil contact is at its maximum with our precision planters will leave you sleeping easy during a stressful spring.  Whether it's haylage or corn silage our harvest crew will keep your cows producing all year round.  Lastly, don't sweat, leave your corn, wheat, and soybean combining and trucking to us; with our dual Lexion team, we will have your grain in the bin in a timely manner.  Interested in knowing more? Give us a call and we would love formulate a plan that fits your farm.

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