Tillage is always on the forefront at any farmer to farmer conversation, meetings, or farm shows.  At Veldale we provide conventional, minimum or no-till options.  We have our ideas on what works with different soil types.  We are always open to trying something new or tweaking systems that have been in place for a long time.  Please call and we can discuss your thoughts and make a plan for your farm.


Tillage Tools:

- Soil Warrior strip till with fall and spring tillage configurations and the ability to apply dry fertilizer.

- John Deere 2623VT with rolling basket

- Sunflower 6333 mulch finisher

- John Deere 2210 cultivator with finger harrows and rolling basket

- Kverneland 8 furrow rollover plow

- CIH chisel plow with leveling shanks

Kongskilde 5200 rock picker




Planting on time with perfect conditions are critical for a successful start to a season.  We have heavily invested in planting equipment to be able to serve you in a timely manner, using a 24 row John Deere corn planter and 16/32 row John Deere bean planter; both planters have centre fill, individual row shutoffs, swath control, and pneumatic down pressure.  A John Deere 1890 no-till air drill is used for alfalfa in the spring(with or without cover crops), cover crop in the summer and wheat in the fall.  Dry fertilizer is used for a greater return per dollar invested in corn and wheat plantings.



Forage and Silage Harvesting


We offer forage and silage harvesting services to make sure your crop gets to your livestock. Our goal is to be on-time, and be neat and packed before we leave.  We hope to see you back for four cuttings of haylage and corn silage.  Therefore, we do our best to make it an enjoyable experience for you, the customer, every time.


Other forage services we provide include:

- Mowing

- Merging

- Baling





We combine also offer custom combining services. We combine corn, soybeans, and wheat combining. A grain buggy is used for greater efficiency and reduces the wheel traffic in the field.



- Claas Lexion 740 TT with Tracks

- Claas Lexion 560 R.

- 40' & 35' flex head

- 12 row folding corn head with chopping stalks option.




We offer trucking services, whether it's hay or straw bales, corn, soybeans, or wheat grain, or manure, we will haul it all. We also have port cards and training to go where you want your product delivered.